We are a Seattle girls lacrosse club focused on skill development, fostering sportsmanship, and promoting a love for the game.
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Best Wishes Quick Styx Families:

For the past eight years, the Quick Styx have been a very important part of my family’s life.   We watched my older daughter pick up her first stick then pull on the maroon QAQS polo and black kilt and never look back, she was hooked on the sport.  

Seven years ago, my younger daughter wanted to play so along with Caroline Ballaine and Stacey Donahue, the three of us helped expand the Quick Styx to include the 3rd/4th grade program.  From there I was hooked along with both of my daughters.  Thank you Caroline and Stacey for all you did.

Six years ago, I had the wonderful opportunity of taking on the Director’s role of the Quick Styx and it has been an amazing experience.  Fast forward to Monday evening and the board officially accepted my resignation as the Director of the Quick Styx.   Although we as a family are going to miss being a part of QAQS, we have numerous memories and lasting friendships to look back upon.

So as I pass the torch, I would like to congratulate and introduce you to your new Director, Brett Carolan.  Congratulations Brett and best wishes.  Brett is as passionate as I am about making this about the kids first.  I will let Brett offer his introduction but personally I cannot think of a better person to step into the role at this time.  The program is in a tremendous position as Brett is surrounded by terrific group of board members who are going to take this to the next level and continue to make this a positive friendly family experience.

As the Quick Styx continue to move forward, I strongly encourage each and every parent to get involved in some aspect whether it be volunteering for the Bake Sale, picking up fields, helping at practice, officiating or keeping score, I honestly believe you will not regret the time and effort.  In order to grow, the board needs everyone’s assistance.  Take advantage of the opportunity and please do not hesitate to get involved.  

Over the past eight years we have met some of the most wonderful people that are involved in lacrosse not only within QAQS but in other programs.  The memories and friendships will be cherished.

There is far too long of a list of people to thank and recognize so I would like to offer my appreciation to everyone from coaches, to officials, parents, and most importantly past, present and future Quick Styx for your support over the past six years.

I look forward to watching the Quick Styx grow and thrive.   Enjoy the experience of the lacrosse season as I believe it is unique and special.

Warmest regards,


George Bergeron



We are a Seattle based girls youth lacrosse program that serves all interested 2nd through 8th grade families West of I-5 in the Seattle area.   We are focused on teamwork, the growth of the game and most importantly the love of the game.
Teams and Practice Schedules for the 2016 season:
U-9 (2nd Graders): 40+ players on Friday evenings at the Queen Anne Bowl from 5:00 to 6:30 PM starting on April 15th.
U-11 (3rd/4th Graders): Four teams of 16 or 17 players on Friday evenings at the Queen Anne Bowl from 5:00 to 6:30 PM from late Feb to late May
U-13 (5th/6th Graders): Three teams of 20 to 21 players on Monday and Wednesday evenings at the Queen Anne Bowl from 5:00 to 6:30 PM from late Feb to late May
U-15 (7th/8th Graders): Three teams of 18 to 20 players on a mix of Monday thru Thursday evenings at the Queen Anne Bowl or Lower Woodland from appx. 7:00 to 8:30 PM from late Feb to late May (max two nights per week)
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2017 Spring Season Registration Schedule:

U-9:  2nd Grade: registration opens December 15, 2016

U-11: 3rd/4th Grade: opens Nov. 1, 2016

U-13: 5th/6th Grade: opens Nov. 1, 2016

U-15: 7th/8th Grade: opens Nov. 1 2016

Contact Deborah Simpson at dvaughn_simpson@hotmail.com

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